Conversational AI for Gyms

Dramatically boost sales, engagement, and retention with the only customer messaging and live chat platform designed exclusively for gyms.

Make it easier for your customers to Buy a membership

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Acquire, engage, and retain with omnipresent bots and AI-powered conversations

Website Bot
A live chat widget that helps gyms capture more website visitors and increase lead conversion with high-quality, bottom of funnel leads. Integrates with lead management systems.
A virtual assistant attached to your gym’s phone number that unlocks more revenue per member and builds loyalty – no app download required. Integrates with member management systems.
A cloud-based web portal (no software to install) where conversations with leads and members live, giving gyms full visibility into how their locations are performing at any given time.
Powerful, realtime insights into what users are saying, how many users are returning, sessions by channel, and average response times by location or in aggregate.
Data Security
Hosted on global cloud infrastructure providers to handle high volume and fast response time in addition to user permissions, and data encryption in transit and at rest.
Fully Compliant
Provide your customers with clear opt-in and opt-out features to keep your member communication compliant under applicable TCPA and GDPR laws.

Use Cases

Why the world's most forward-thinking gyms choose Healthdesk

  • Sell More Memberships

    Sell more memberships

    Qualify and route new leads automatically on the communication channels people prefer.


Starting at just $79 monthly per location

Website Bot
  • Unlimited Monthly Users
  • Unlimited Messages
  • Unlimited Teammates
  • Includes Inbox
  • Integration with CRMs like Club OS, GymSales, etc.
Monthly billing. Annual agreement required. Some configurations may require setup fee.
  • Up to 500 monthly users
  • Unlimited Messages
  • Unlimited Teammates
  • Includes Inbox
  • Integration with management systems like ABC Financial, MINDBODY, etc.

Monthly billing. Annual agreement required. Some configurations may require setup fee.

How It Works

For gyms seeking advanced configurations, we follow a systematic approach to customizing AI

Discover use cases
Identify pain points in the member experience and the repeatable queries that can be automated with AI. Determine how to measure a successful AI program and KPIs important to your health club.
Train & design conversations
Bootstrap your AI with existing data sources like your website, call center logs, historic email and FAQs, and work with our experts to design interactions that provide friendly and fast resolutions true to your brand.
Build integrations
Fully integrate with complex business systems like CRM, billing systems, loyalty systems, mobile apps, website, and connected equipment and devices to create a single channel experience that keeps members engaged and resolves issues, not simply responds.
Access real-time actionable insights on cross-channel conversations from a secure control center. Identify new knowledge areas to train and understand the impact AI is having on your sales, engagement, and member satisfaction and retention.
Combine human and AI intelligence to continuously optimize the AI’s performance based on real interactions. Enable the AI to increase its responsibility over time, handling more interactions by learning how human agents respond.