Email is dying. Customers want to chat with you in realtime on the channels they prefer. Are you equipped?

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Connected experiences in and out of the club

We help you sustain conversations with your members wherever they are so that your brand always stays top of mind.

High touch, fluid interactions with members

Your members want to hear from you… just not on the phone. Make it easier for them to stay in touch with omnichannel messaging.

More autonomous and cost efficient

We’re not replacing your staff. We’re making them more efficient with Ai so that you can operate leaner than ever before.


A fully integrated revenue generation tool for gyms and studios facing reduced staff

Healthdesk makes a cloud-based messaging, voice, and video platform that integrates with gym CRM software. We funnel all of your customer communication into a single pipeline that’s managed by an Ai Assistant who orchestrates the rest.

Automated Messaging

Generate more gym sales and overall revenue effortlessly by putting chatbots to work on email, SMS, social, your website, and mobile app.

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Automated Voice

Cut costs dramatically by shifting gym phone calls to text, and accelerate revenue by automatically converting missed calls into sales.

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Live Video

Go virtual but keep the face to face connection with video calls for sales consultations, onboarding, fitness assessments, and gym CRM.

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Support as a Service

Outsource your sales and support teams to our US-based pre-trained, managed agents that can scale up as needed using your gym CRM.

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Augment every department of your organization

For Sales
For Marketing
For Retention
For Enterprise

Multiply the power and reach of your sales team

Nurture prospects and convert more members. Make it convenient for people to learn about your club, try it out, and join with an automated system that works for you.


increase in revenue within 30 days


additional revenue per member

Key Features

Live Video Sales Tours

Take your leads on a live video club tour using your smartphone’s front-facing camera and browser.

Automated Website Chat

For clubs that let people join online, assist your website visitors in realtime all the way through your purchase page.

Outbound Sales

Use our sales team on demand to dial out on leads lists that are collecting dust in your CRM.

Amplify your campaigns with an advanced Ai Assistant

Whether you need to generate brand new leads, engage your prospects, or extract more value out of existing members, we have a suite of gym CRM features to achieve your targets


increase in website leads


increase in website conversion

Key Features

Run Automated Facebook Messenger Ads

Send new leads into a conversation with your Ai Assistant who can capture the lead in realtime

Schedule and send mass text messages

Re-engage prospects with special promotional offers that you can send as pictures, videos, or links

Outsource your sales needs to us

Our team can help you call down lead lists and sell memberships as an extension of your on-site sales staff

Deliver faster, better, cheaper member service

Provide concierge service and stay in touch with members beyond the four walls so that your brand stays top of mind.


CSAT improvement


median response time

Key benefits

Quickly resolve issues

Maximize lifetime member value by addressing failed payments the moment they enter your system. No more making uncomfortable calls.

Avoid negative online reviews by resolving member concerns in realtime with automated answers.

Offer personalized service

Let callers opt for a text from your Ai Assistant instead of waiting on hold for your staff so that they can get their questions answered faster.

Enable complete self service where your members can manage their account and get their questions answered 24/7.

Scalable, fully integrated communication layer

Centralize and streamline communication across franchise and corporate-owned fitness facilities.


fewer front desk reps per location


decrease in payroll costs

Key Features

Corporate Control

We’ve built a mutli-tenant solution so that you can manage multiple brands and locations all in one place with just one login.

Multi-Location Reporting

Easily filter your analytics dashboard by brand or location for realtime and historical data on how the system is being used.

Unlimited Scalability

Rest assured that our system handles millions of conversations all at once and is built on a fast, secure infrastructure.


Proactive, personalized conversations powered by Ai

“Why not just build my own chatbot or use a site like Intercom,” you ask? Doing it on your own would take years and a lot of money. And sites like Intercom don’t come with the out-of-the-box automations and gym CRM integrations that Healthdesk does. You’d have to build those on your own too.
  • Get up and running in just a few clicks
  • Free up your team’s time with an Ai Assistant
  • Over 50 automations made for gyms and studios
  • Pre-installed integrations with gym industry software

One stop to manage it all

Instead of conversations happening in multiple places, bring it all together to simplify your work. With Healthdesk, all gym CRM communication with your leads, members, and guests happens in one inbox, but syncs everywhere else.

Without Healthdesk

With Healthdesk

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See how you can cut payroll costs by 82% with Healthdesk

If you know how many emails and calls you’re getting on a regular basis, then we can provide a tailored ROI estimate.


of inquiries are automated with Healthdesk


decrease in member acquisition cost


The goal for Active Health Tech Lab was to automate the mundane, routine conversations fitness personel engage in daily, including inquiries about business hours, weather-related closures, services provided, general club information and more, all without hiring dedicated service staff of keeping phones lines manned all day, every day.

– Club Industry, Artificial Intelligence Takes Off In The High-Touch World Of Fitness


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