4 Ways to Upsell Existing Members

October 13, 2020
2 mins

While member acquisition is an important factor for your overall profitability, retention plays an equally important part. By retaining your members, you can continue to drive revenue and seek additional opportunities to increase their involvement with your facility. Here are a few tips to upsell existing members and increase overall member engagement.

Tips to Upsell Existing Members


Determine Additional Member Revenue Sources

Come up with a list of additional revenue sources for your current member base and determine which ones have the potential to be the most profitable. Whether it’s special bootcamps or private training sessions, increasing your members’ overall involvement with your facility will increase revenue and overall engagement. You can also let members that previously purchased from your retail shop learn about special sales offers as well.

Schedule Promotional Messages to Hit at Relevant Moments

Determine key moments to reach your members with additional opportunities. For example, use Healthdesk to send messaging about an exclusive personal training offer to former personal training clients. If you are launching a new bootcamp class, target members that took similar classes over the past month. You can easily integrate with your current tech stack, such as HubSpot or Mindbody, for quick and easy integrations.

Text Important Upsell Messages for Visibility

Instead of relying solely on email, Healthdesk can help you text relevant messages to your member base. This gets your message front and center with your members.

Increase Frequency

Increase the frequency members use personal training or small group training opportunities with trigger messaging. Members can get a reminder to schedule their next session after completing a session. With this type of messaging, it is still important to make sure you are not bombarding them with excessive outreach. Otherwise, it can hurt your efforts vs. help them.


Having Healthdesk at your fingertips will provide you with a powerful tool to optimize your sales and marketing efforts. Here are additional tips to upsell existing members and use Healthdesk to improve your sales efforts.


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