The inbox for all customer communication

Instead of checking multiple systems to respond to your customers, use our Team Inbox. You can access Team Inbox from any browser on your computer or smartphone. When you’re logged in, you can manage phone calls, texts, webchats, in-app messages, Facebook messages, and soon, Instagram DMs.

You only need one tab open in your browser to manage all of your channels.
Manage purview across your enterprise organization with agent roles and permissions.
You can invite your entire team without increasing the cost of using Healthdesk.
Get context and clarity before responding with the entire history of conversations this customer has had with your business.
See everything you need to know about this person in one screen by integrating your sales CRM or member management system.
Instantly know when your facility needs to be cleaned, sanitized, or restocked with a ticket system made for gyms.

Powerful features to make customers happier in less time


All the insights you need to accelerate your revenue, at a glance

Realtime Analytics

Get to know your customers even deeper with conversational insights that show you exactly why people are contacting your business across all channels and locations. Track response times, popular channels, agent performance, and trends over time.

Ticket System

Bring all of your systems together into one, including your customer support tickets. Healthdesk gives you a flexible ticket tracker to manage customer feedback, maintenance issues, and housekeeping chores throughout your facilty. Assign, comment, and resolve.

Customer Surveys

Wthout nov-verbal cues, messages can be interpreted wrong. Not with Healthdesk. Understand customer sentiment between positive, negative, and neutral indicators across every conversation you have with customers.

Streamlined Conversations

You can toggle between chats across multiple channels in a second

Conversations Threads

  • One thread for each contact
  • Full message history and timeline
  • MMS and file attachments
  • Typing indicators and read receipts
  • Online presence signals
  • Private notes and @ mentions

Assign Conversations

  • Manually assign to a Teammate
  • Automatically assign to a Contact Owner
  • Claim unassigned conversations
  • Close the conversation and select an outcome
  • Custom routing rules for sales teams

Customer Info

  • Membership info
  • Contact Owner
  • Custom contact tags
  • Historical file attachments
  • Private notes and @ mentions
  • Visit and purchase history

Marketing Campaigns

Automate your member acqusition and engagement outreach

  • Segment your contact list with custom tags that you can then target in your campaigns
  • Use events to trigger automated messages that get delivered to your target segments

Knowledge Base

Tell your Ai Assistant what it needs to know about your business and facilities

Conversations Threads

Customize settings and integrations for each location so that your Ai Assistant always has the right information

Saved Replies

Like canned responses, these handy messages shave off hours from your staff’s response times and keep your brand consistent

Automated Rules

Tell your Ai Assistant what to say and when, and how to route and assign conversations to your staff

Teams & Roles

Create departments for teams like Sales or Ops and customize the permissions you grant to your team

Contact Syncing

Import your contact directory from your member management system or CRM and keep it synced at all times

Notification Alerts

Customize how you get notified by your Ai Assistant when there’s a new message waiting.

  • SMS (with Do Not Disturb)
  • Email
  • Slack bot
  • Browser alerts
Do we need to install anything on our computers or phone?

No. Healthdesk is a web-based application meaning there’s nothing to download or install on any of your devices. All you need to do is open up a browser on your computer or smartphone and log in at htts:// You’ll be prompted to sign in with your mobile phone number to receive a verification code.

Is it a web app and/or mobile app?

Healthdesk is a web-based application meaning there’s nothing to download or install on any of your devices. All you need to do is open up a browser on your computer or smartphone and log in at htts:// You’ll be prompted to sign in with your mobile phone number to receive a verification code.

Do my members need to download anything?

No, your members don’t need to download another mobile app. Healthdesk is an invisible middle layer that integrates with your existing systems. That means customers can interact with your business across a number of different channels like SMS texting, website chat, in-app messaging, Facebook Messenger, email, and other social media channels.

Does my staff need to have your inbox open at all times on their computer?

Yes, we recommend your frontline your staff have Healthdesk open on their computers at all times. For example, they might have your check-in system open in one tab with Healthdesk open in another. When new messages or phone calls are received, your staff will see a desktop alert appear on the top right of their screen for easy access.

How will my staff be able to handle live chat and the front desk at the same time?

One of the metrics we help you track is Median Response Time (MRT). As long as your MRT stays low, then customers will be extremely happy. One of the biggest benefits of using Healthdesk is that you can aggregate all of these disparate systems into one which makes it much easier and faster to clear your inbox.

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