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Drive Additional $20K a Month Without Doing Any Manual Work Using Healthdesk

November 15, 2022
3 mins
ROI Calculator

You’re not trying to add yet another expense to your business… we totally get it.


Covid has been tough enough. That’s why Healthdesk is willing to prove our value with a FREE trial because we know how much money our system will generate for your club. Healthdesk can do the job of almost two front desk reps, saving you $4.2K in payroll costs. You’ll quickly see the value far outweighs the cost of our service. Read below to understand how 👇


The return on investment for Healthdesk is calculated based on the Lifetime Value of new members that we convert through our bot as well as the number of man-hours our bot saves your staff.

The LTV of a member is defined as how much they will spend in 1 year. Based on our AI’s performance across all our gyms and studios, your AI will assist inbound customers to purchase a membership at a rate of 1.7% of all your inquiries, or at least 15 a month for a 2,000 member club. We then calculate your ROI based on the average price of a membership at $99 per month.

With Healthdesk, you can drive almost $20K a month in additional revenue without doing any manual work


In terms of time saved, based on average data, your AI will streamline 87% of all inbound inquiries. We use the federal minimum wage of $13.00 for employers 25 employees or less and calculate the time saved based on this. Here’s how the math works:

Hourly rate for one front desk rep: $13.00, or $2,253.33 monthly

Additional Employee Costs:

– Recruitment

– Training

– Benefits

– Sick Time

– Unexpected absences

– Attrition

= $2,456.13 per month or $29,473.60 annually

Effective hourly rate: $14.17

How do we calculate “Average hours saved per week from Healthdesk”?
– Average number of phone calls, emails, and texts for a 2,000 member club: 30 per day or 912 per month

– Cost per inquiry: 2 front desk reps each staffed 40 hours per week by 912 inquiries per month = $5.39 per inquiry

– Percentage of streamlined customer inquiries by Healthdesk: 87%

Total Savings Per Month: $4,276.64

Average man-hours saved per month from Healthdesk: 302 hours or 1.7 front desk reps

What’s an inquiry?
An inquiry is a single instance of a person contacting your front desk to ask for assistance. A request can be a phone call, an email, a social media message, a live chat, a text, and more.

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