Meet Healthdesk’s Ai Knowledge Base

September 8, 2020
2 mins

The Healthdesk Ai Knowledge Base is what powers your Ai Assistant. Inside, lives the answers to all of your customers’ questions.

Whether it’s looking for the hours of operation on a specific holiday or the payment status of your member’s bill, your Knowledge Base has the go-to playbook.

The best part… each location has its own learning data base, meaning your Ai Assistant can be customized down to the location level. That allows you to tailor your messaging in a very granular way. Gym chatbots, step aside.

Here’s what you can add inside Healthdesk’s Ai Knowledge Base

Customize data by each individual location.




Customize hours of operations, special hours, and child care hours.


Special Hours

Child Care Hours


Set your WiFi network and password in ai knowledge base.

WiFi Network


How much are your day, week, and month passes?

Pass Prices


Create saved replies for each location.

Saved Replies Edit


Connect third-party systems to integrate your Ai bot into existing workflows.

Integration Connections

Add as many teammates (i.e. staff members) as you’d like in the knowledge panel.

Add New Teammate

Connect your group exercise scheduling system or upload a CSV schedule.

Class Schedule Upload

Sounds awesome right?

All these features will help your Ai Assistant answer all your gym member’s queries. These chatbots are always available to chat 24/7. Probably, the best sales and service rep you’ve ever hired.

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