24/7 Sales Help from Healthdesk

September 15, 2022
2 mins

Consumers want immediate answers when researching a new product or service – now more than ever. People typically explore several fitness options when they are looking to join a new fitness facility, and quickly decide which to join. This shows the importance of 24/7 sales help at your facility. If you’re not available, another fitness facility will be positioned to activate this potential new member instead.


Importance of 24/7 Sales Help


Immediately Answer Customer Questions

You need to easily engage with prospects on their platform of choice. This includes platforms such as your site,  text messaging, or even Facebook. If an actual sales member is not available to chat, you can use a program such as Healthdesk to preset auto responses for a variety of popular questions. Having preset AI responses can also save time and money on overall sales staffing costs.

Continuously Chat with Prospects

Research is frequently done online, and people are looking to communicate with a business the same way. It’s important to ensure that your business is ready to chat when your customers want to talk to you.  Healthdesk provides an AI platform to answer your customers’ questions in their preferred method of communication. This way your customers can receive the answers they need, even if your staff is not available to talk at that exact moment.

Immediately Route Questions to the Appropriate Person

People are looking for answers right away. Healthdesk can immediately route questions to the best internal contact for a quick response. This prevents questions from getting lost in a long backlog of emails or getting unnecessarily tossed around the organization.

Quickly Close the Deal

Even when someone is interested in joining, they may need an extra nudge to make the purchase. 24/7 sales support will quickly take them through the finish line. Healthdesk increases conversions and grows revenue through realtime conversations. Learn about Healthdesk’s marketing automation. 


Whether you manage a single fitness facility or a chain of national gyms, it’s important to have sales staff constantly available to answer questions. Healthdesk can make that possible through AI and supplemental virtual staff. Learn more today. 



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