How gyms gained more memberships with Healthdesk

Did you know that live chat can increase your net new leads by 15%?

A chatbot is an automated extension of your team that can help drive qualified and quality conversations with the visitors to your website.

With the rise of the internet and online chat, the way people prefer to communicate with businesses has changed. They want instant gratification. Chatbots allow you to meet–and exceed–people’s expectations by giving them a fast and frictionless way to connect with your company.

77% of consumers expect to get instant responses from chat compared to any other channel. Embracing conversational marketing by using intelligent chatbots means being there for your potential buyers and current customers on their terms.

Chatbots vs. Live Chat

People often assume chatbots and live chat are the same thing. They’re different, let’s explore how.

Live chat is exactly what it sounds like: chatting to a real person online rather than a bot. Talking to a human is all well and good, but the problem with live chat is that it doesn’t scale. How can your sales or support reps respond immediately to every conversation?

If you can’t respond to your customers in 10 seconds or less, you’re not giving them the best possible experience. We’re here to help people buy your products. Making people wait to get the information they need isn’t helping.

Consumers are 4x more likely to prefer using chat over speaking to a human (PSFK). Intelligent chatbots, on the other hand, are a win-win. They allow you to offer better customer service and scale your sales funnel. Chatbots can answer your visitors’ questions in real time, book meetings with sales reps and route questions to the right person.

Chatbots respond instantly, 24/7, giving people the on-demand and flexible service they have learned to expect. And unlike live chat, chatbots will save you money. They’ll connect buyers to your sales reps faster, leading to more revenue.

64% of consumers see the biggest potential benefit of chatbots as the ability to get 24-hour service.

Chatbot conversations are expected to deliver $8 billion in cost savings by 2022 (Juniper Research)

What Do Chatbots Do? Existential question time: What is a chatbot’s purpose?

Today’s chatbots fall along a spectrum depending on their goals. At the far right end of the spectrum are the chatbots designed to supplement human-to-human interaction. And all the way on the left are the chatbots designed to enhance every single interaction.

Along the spectrum, you’ll find chatbots that engage with you in different ways. No side is inherently better or worse––it just depends on the chatbot’s purpose.

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