How Gyms Succeed in a Virtual World

October 27, 2020
2 mins

As the pandemic continues to alter people’s lives, it’s important to adjust your business accordingly. At Healthdesk, we’re here to help.

People are increasing the amount of activity they do online, so it’s important to set your business up to succeed in a virtual world. From virtual workouts and gym chatbots to virtual gym tours, people are looking for answers and content with the tap of a button.

Virtual workouts such as Peloton have seen tremendous growth as a result of the pandemic. Some people will not visit a gym due to Covid-19, so they are solely seeking virtual workouts. Unfortunately, many gyms do not have the in-house technology needed to power them.

To stay competitive, it’s important to offer some type of virtual workout option. Healthdesk provides the ability to serve virtual workouts to your members. This helps provide consistency among your members’ fitness routines. It also allows your facility to generate personal and small group training revenue from people that are hesitant to visit an actual gym right now.

Your prospects are also looking for more information virtually. They may not want to spend the time or effort visiting a bunch of gyms, so it’s important to provide detailed information about your facility online. Through Healthdesk, you have the ability to easily provide virtual gym tours to potential new members. This provides an inside look at what you have to offer and helps you stand out from your competition.

To succeed in a virtual world, you also need chat capabilities that meet your members’ needs. Whether they like to text, message on Facebook or chat through your website, a virtual communications platform helps you stay competitive. This allows you to immediately answer questions when and where your members want help.

Learn how Healthdesk can improve your virtual capabilities and accelerate your revenue. 


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