Help Desk & Ticketing Software with Healthdesk

December 1, 2020
1 min
Create Ticket Shortcut

Keep track of member requests so your team can stay organized, easily prioritize tasks, and keep facilities clean. The Healthdesk automated gym ticketing system is flexible for any type of task, from housekeeping to maintenance, and even sales.


Respond to member feedback and easily create a ticket all from one screen.

Select Create Ticket

Create Ticket Shortcut


Make it clear for your entire team the priority for each task.

Prioritize Tickets


Keep your team and customers in the know with statuses for each task.

Update Ticket Status


Comment on the ticket to keep communication organized until the task is done. You can even @ mention specific teammates to alert them and get their attention.

Comment and Mention


Keep track of your tickets and how long it takes to resolve them with the Healthdesk ticketing dashboard.

Ticket Dashboard

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