Best Gym Texting Service for Fitness Clubs and Studios

September 22, 2020
2 mins
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Automate your outbound gym texting campaigns with mass SMS texting and event triggers from Healthdesk. Unlike competing text message marketing for gyms systems, the Healthdesk gym bot handles all responses to qualify leads and schedule appointments so that you don’t have to.


Gym texting lets you schedule and send mass gym text messages to broadcast your announcements. Use trackable links to track engagement. You can also send a gym join message, gym welcome message, or gym reopening message. It’s like Manychat for gyms.

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Send broadcasts from your existing business phone number instead of a random 6-digit code to avoid getting marked as spam. Gym texting allows you to more effectively get in touch with your customers, not just for sales, but also for service and gym retention. This is what real text message marketing for fitness centers looks like. (We also do gym email automation)

Landline Texting

SMS marketing for gyms is crucially important in this new era to stay connected to your customers. Don’t just send spam though. Always provide value with every text or broadcast. During the pandemic, many of our clients used our mass texting feature to announce closures, updates, reopenings, etc. It kept their membership in the loop while places were shut down.

Using gym SMS in this way will help you execute more effective campaigns. Your texts won’t be seen as annoying spam. You’ll avoid any TCPA or GDPR issues when you have expressed opt-in consent and don’t abuse this messaging channel.

The best part is our 2-way conversations that come with the full history of chats with each user. Our system threads together conversations just like any other messaging service does. This gives you the full context you need to answer each user appropriately.

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