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Healthdesk’s gym scheduling software plugin drives 3700% return on FB campaign for AZ gym

December 15, 2022
3 mins
Gym Scheduling Software Plugin

Irvine, California (May 27, 2021) – One fitness studio in Arizona is using an Ai-powered gym scheduling software plugin to drive new business.

Frame, located in Tempe, Arizona, is yielding a 3,701% return on their Facebook Messenger advertising campaign, with an average lifetime value per signup of $1,188. This success is largely due to the efficiency of Healthdesk’s appointment scheduling feature.

Healthdesk is a gym sales automation platform that integrates AI-powered (artificial intelligence) voice and chat into your gym CRM (customer relationship management), gym management software, and gym scheduling software.

Appointment scheduling is a feature where a gym chatbot handles appointments for gym time and group class reservations as well as club tours and personal training appointments. With Healthdesk, no app download is required.

Members, guests, and leads can book appointments through automated messaging via SMS, Facebook Messenger, website live chat, email, or their club’s mobile app. The Healthdesk chatbot is integrated into the gym’s scheduling software, so all information is always synced up and up to date.

When a potential customer clicks the ad, they land in a conversation with a chatbot which then promptly leads them to book a club tour or a free training assessment.

According to Healthdesk founder and CEO Nick Barone, this feature is one of their most popular services right now and Frame’s success story is only one of many such cases.

“Another one of our clients, an Anytime Fitness franchisee, used this feature in combination with Facebook Ads and the results were incredible,” he shares. “Every conversation converted into a booked club tour appointment, generating $22K of membership revenue in one month.”

Barone also noted that this is the kind of customer service that will define the future of post-pandemic gyms and fitness facilities.

He adds, “This is a powerful feature that will help gyms and fitness facilities do less backend administrative work while improving revenue and long-term customer relationships. People are eager to resume their fitness and the numbers recently prove that. This efficient and contact-free setup helps inspire confidence among customers as the fitness industry makes an epic comeback.”

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About Healthdesk, Inc.
Founded in 2018, Healthdesk is a revenue generation platform for gyms and studios. The world’s top fitness facilities use our Ai-powered sales and marketing outreach system to increase customer engagement and generate more sales – all with significantly reduced staff. With Healthdesk, all customer communication funnels into a single pipeline that’s managed by a gym chatbot who orchestrates the rest.

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