Automated Voice turns your gym phone calls into text conversations

Deflect phone calls into SMS texts

When you give customers the option, 20% will choose to handle their request via text messaging, not on the phone.

Follow up with missed calls

When your gym phone misses a call, immediately send the caller an auto-text and connect with them faster.

Handle more with much less

Scale your business without adding more staff using a gym phone chatbot that answers calls for you.


of calls are deflected with Healthdesk


of all inquiries are automated


reduction in overall cost per call


We integrate with your existing number and gym phone service

Call Deflection

Reduce inbound call volume by shifting callers to digital channels and self-service


Messaging is more preferred than face to face

9 per 1089%

Prefer messaging a business to communicate

What you can do with Call Deflection

  • Free up your front desk or contact center reps
    Reduce your cost per call by up to 70% and achieve 90%+ customer satisfaction
  • Capture leads you would’ve missed on the phone
    Instead of going to voicemail, leads can at least start the conversation via messaging

Missed Call Connect

Immediately text missed calls using the most effective channel – SMS

  • Reduce the cost to resolution with auto follow-ups
  • Build a more efficient self-service flow for customers

Getting started is hassle free


Tell us what callers should hear when they connect and what routes your want


Connect data sources and your phone system without changing your service or bill amount


Tweak your IVR until it delivers a transformative experience that’s unique to each customer

Auto Dialer

Automatically call new web leads and connect your sales team in realtime

  • Receive calls and dial out straight from your desktop or mobile browser
  • Handle several conversations all at once from multiple channels

Call Recording

Record, transcribe, and store phone calls in our cloud based inbox

  • Keep a written record of your club’s phone calls so that you can search and analyze
  • Protect your business and make sure standards and quality are upheld


See how your staff performs on response times, handling times, satisfaction, and more

  • Get a breakdown of gym phone calls received, placed, dropped, hung up, and deflected
  • If you have gym phone call recording, extract even more business intelligence

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See how you can cut payroll costs by 82% with Healthdesk

If you know how many calls you’re getting on a regular basis, then we can provide a tailored ROI estimate.


of inquiries are automated with Healthdesk


decrease in member acquisition cost


The goal for Active Health Tech Lab was to automate the mundane, routine conversations fitness personel engage in daily, including inquiries about business hours, weather-related closures, services provided, general club information and more, all without hiring dedicated service staff of keeping phones lines manned all day, every day.

– Club Industry, Artificial Intelligence Takes Off In The High-Touch World Of Fitness


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