Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a chatbot?

First there were websites, then there were apps. Now there are chatbots. Chatbots are a new and powerful way to engage your customers because they allow users to have conversations to express what they're thinking. Read more about texting and chatbots on our blog here.

What is landline texting?

Texting on landline, VoIP and toll free phone numbers is now possible. Here's how it works if you're curious. Voice and text networks for wireline numbers are managed independently. This means that the landline itself does not receive the text but rather the phone number itself. The phone number functions as an address that leads to two different destinations. Voice calls are still sent to the landline phone, but text messages are routed to Healthdesk.

Do I have to change my phone number?

No, you do not have to change your existing business phone number. Healthdesk enables your existing landline or VoIP number to send and receive SMS texts. If this is not possible for your business phone number, Healthdesk can issue your business a separate, dedicated phone number.

What type of phone numbers are accepted?

Healthdesk uses third-party services to text-enable US and Canada phone numbers. See if your phone number is eligible to be text-enabled by sending us an email at

Will there be any hidden fees on my phone bill?

No. Healthdesk uses a third-party which works as an add-on to any existing non-wireless phone number. This means a business can upgrade its existing phone number without contacting or interrupting their voice service provider.

What does Healthdesk's implementation process look like?

No hassles, plug-and-play. First, we send over our digital service agreement via email. Once signed electronically, we'll begin the process of enabling your business phone number to send and receive SMS texts. While that's in-process, we'll customize the responses for your chatbot so that it returns accurate information and represents your brand well. All said and done, it typically takes two weeks to launch from the time our agreement is signed. As of October 1, 2018, we have a 2-month-long waiting list. Please contact us to get your gym in the queue. 

What marketing materials does Healthdesk supply for my club?

It's all about getting your phone number out there and directing customers to text your gym for all inquiries. We know most gyms have a large following on Facebook which is why Healthdesk provides a templated Facebook post for each club. We also supply a templated email that clubs can blast out to their subscriber list, and stickers to put around the club. But the most effective way to create awareness is to talk about the service in your sales process, and to get the buy-in of your front desk staff so that they will continue to educate customers on how to use this new service.

What other messaging platforms will Healthdesk's chatbot be available on?

Healthdesk's chatbot is currently available for SMS only, but we plan to expand to live web chat, Apple iMessage and Facebook Messenger in the coming months.

How will Healthdesk help my gym accelerate revenue?

For the first time, your customers will be able to complete transactions via texting. It's the easiest way to promote and convert purchases for things like personal and small group training, cafe drinks, club gear and more. We also have sales support agents if your club needs help with membership sales. Please ask us for details. 

What happens when a customer wants to chat with my staff?

We intentionally put the STAFF command further down in the menu options. This way customers are encouraged to find answers through the chatbot rather than take up your staff's time for a simple question. If the issue is urgent, the user is directed to call the front desk, otherwise expect 24 hours for an SMS response.

How are new leads handled?

When prospects show interest in the club, Healthdesk's chatbot collects their contact information and immediately forwards the information to your sales staff. We also have sales support agents if your club needs help with membership sales. Please ask us for details.

What types of customizations are available?

We understand that each gym location offers different amenities and services. Therefore it's important that our chatbot is flexible but also scalable. Most companies nickel and dime for their customizations and add-ons. We don't. Just let us know what you need and we'll let you know what we can build. Email us at

How can I make a feature suggestion?

We'd love to hear your feedback anytime! Good or bad. But especially the bad because we want to improve. Please email


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