How Healthdesk helped Tremont Athletic Club provide 5-star service


captured memberships per week

2m 33s

average customer response time


monthly average Net Promoter Score

TAC Rooftop Yoga

Healthdesk enables us to streamline member communication 24/7/365. Our members love texting us anytime to get immediate answers. We highly recommend this service to any gym looking to minimize backend work for their staff and enhance their member experience.

Daron Mitchell

General Manager @ Tremont Athletic Club

About TAC

TAC has a goal-oriented atmosphere and community culture that has made it the winner of “Cleveland’s Best Gym” four out of the last six years. A 14,000 square foot full-service fitness center located between Ohio City and Tremont, group classes are included with memberships.


Cleveland, OH



2 locations


TAC was looking for an effective way to provide concierge service to its member base and differentiate itself as a premium brand.

Customer satisfaction was stagnant

The first question was how do we start letting members know about this new service

Reduced admin support

We had to manage support at the front desk with fewer people on TAC’s staff

Still a new fitness brand

TAC wanted to offer unique services and experiences for people to share and talk about with their friends

Limited marketing budget

It was crucial to figure out how to lower other expenses in order to find marketing dollars to spend on advertising


We proposed an SMS AI assistant that would respond to member and lead inquiries 24/7/365. The AI assistant was trained on how to greet members, answer questions, and when to escalate conversations./p>

Healthdesk Team Inbox

To get the conversation going, we engaged every website visitor with custom pop up greetings

Our goal was to increase conversions of the one-month membership which was a good intro price point. If people were bouncing on the site, then we wanted to know why. With live chat, we were able to get constant feedback which informed us how to optimize. Along the way, we continued to sell memberships more and more.

Automated Messaging

Leads from the website and Facebook loved getting instant responses from TAC
  • Website Chat
  • Facebook Messenger

Automated Voice

We set up Call Deflection so that less admin support was needed at the front desk
  • Call Deflection
  • Custom IVR

Responding immediately to leads was the key to converting them in realtime

As we converted more and more leads from the Facebook ads and on TAC’s website, we saw their membership acquisition cost continue to drop. It was clear that responding to leads fast made all the difference in conversion. To supplement Frame‚Äôs staff, we added our Support as a Service on the Pay As You Go plan.
Trending Channels


After the first 90 days, the results were undeniable. We acquired new members with a 28% margin on top and reduced admin support enough to more than pay for the ads.


captured memberships per week

2m 33s

average customer response time


monthly average Net Promoter Score

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