Anytime Fitness captured 8 new leads with Healthdesk Click-to-Messenger Ads


per trial signup


leads in the first 30 days


new personal training leads

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We worked with Healthdesk because we wanted a bot that would be able to “take over” a conversation and set an appointment from our Facebook Ads. Additionally, we love being able to mass text prospects with a bot that is able to pick up the conversation and convert it to an appointment during our off hours.

Kyle Torres

Owner @ Anytime Fitness

About Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness is a results-driven gym with 24/7 access to over 3,500 locations. They specialize in monthly assessments to incorporate personalization and diversity in member programs. The staff takes pride in never letting members plateau.


Monroe, MI



3 locations


Anytime Fitness needed a way to respond to leads from their Facebook Ads right away before losing them

Leads came through at all hours

Sales leads never sleep and were clicking on ads all day and night

No one at the front desk

The staff at Anytime Fitness didn’t have a dedicated front desk function

Traditional ads are saturated

Traditional feed ads are expensive but Messenger is still new and affordable

Appointments required

Since the facilities are 24/7, fitness assessments needed to be scheduled


We proposed a Facebook Click-to-Messenger ad campaign that would target new audiences in the area. Any interest in those ads would be routed to the Ai Assistant who would immediately qualify and capture those leads.

Qualify Leads

To get the lead’s foot in the door, we integrated Google Calendar and automated appointment scheduling

Our goal was to schedule a free trial workout by offering a health and fitness consultation.

Automated Messaging

Leads from Facebook loved getting instant responses from the Ai Assistant
  • Ai Assistant
  • Facebook Messenger

Automated Voice

We set up Call Deflection so that less admin support was needed at the front desk
  • Call Deflection
  • Custom IVR

Responding immediately to leads was the key to converting them in realtime

As we converted more and more leads from the Facebook Click-to-Messenger ads, we saw their membership acquisition cost continue to drop. It was clear that responding to leads fast made all the difference in conversion.


The return from the first 30 days of using Healthdesk more than paid for a full year of the service.


per free trial signup


captured leads from Facebook Messenger Ads


new personal training leads

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