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Club Industry Executive and CIO Joins Healthdesk As Advisory Board Member

March 30, 2021
3 mins
Total Woman Gym and Spa

Irvine, California (March 29, 2021) – Gym sales automation startup, Healthdesk, welcomes visionary technology executive, Michael Fabrico to its advisory board.

Fabrico is former SVP of Strategic Initiatives and CIO of Town Sports International, a New York-based fitness club operator and the world’s third largest health club prior to the pandemic.

He brings to the table 30 years of expertise in building technology business applications, infrastructure, and teams necessary to support the growth of startups like Healthdesk.

Healthdesk is a revenue generation platform that empowers gyms and studios to build deeper relationships with their customers using messaging, live chat, SMS, and voice. Its AI-powered communication system can be used to automate responses to customer questions, generate and convert leads, and fill-in HR gaps, leading to better customer experiences, improved retention, and greater cost savings.

In his previous roles, Fabrico has been instrumental in stabilizing and rebuilding the IT environment of the U.S.’s largest privately held specialty and import food distributor, as part of an acquisition strategy. It was sold to an $8 billion Fortune 500 company for $217 million in 2016.

He was also a member of the executive management team that grew appliance manufacturer SharkNinja from $300 million to $1.3 billion in revenue through organic growth, increasing EBITDA by 7x.

Prior to joining Healthdesk’s advisory board, Fabrico was on the client side. He tapped the startup team to embed a live chat feature into Town Sports’ mobile apps to help improve customer feedback and issue management.

This collaboration, according to Healthdesk founder Nick Barone, paved the way for Fabrico’s new role within the organization.

“Michael will help us scale our platform, specifically with enterprise clubs, as well as provide invaluable product feedback,” he says. “His insights will allow us to refine our customer-centric product strategy and see it translate to improved customer experiences, revenue, and internal processes.”

Fabrico joins Peerfit CRO Christopher Patton and seasoned technology executive Adam Lowe on the advisory board.

Barone adds, “We’re excited to have Michael on board. This is an exciting phase for us. With the vaccine rollouts globally, we are bullish about the future of the fitness industry. Our platform is uniquely positioned to help businesses evolve with their members’ changing needs and provide them with the tools to drive acquisition and retention.”

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About Healthdesk, Inc.
Founded in 2018, Healthdesk is a revenue generation platform for gyms and studios. The world’s top fitness facilities use our Ai-powered sales and marketing outreach system to increase customer engagement and generate more sales – with significantly reduced staff. With Healthdesk, all customer communication funnels into a single pipeline that’s managed by an Ai Assistant who orchestrates the rest.

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