Closing the Deal

September 29, 2020
2 mins

When a prospect is ready to purchase, it’s important to have sales tools to push them across the finish line. Healthdesk helps with closing the deal by reaching prospects with the right message at the right time. This allows your business to increase sales and overall foot traffic.

Consumers want to receive the best price available for a product or service. This way they feel good about their purchase and excited to use the product or service. Using Healthdesk, you can preset answers to popular questions about whether there are any special offers, when the best sale will be and more. This way consumers can feel comfortable that they are getting a good deal on their membership.

For many gyms, the biggest struggle is getting a prospect to come in and try out the facility. People often fill out a guest pass form online, but then never step foot in the door. This can be due to work, other commitments or life just getting in the way. By setting an automated trigger asking a prospect to pick a time to come in after receiving a guest pass, you can get them to take action right away. The longer an unused guest pass sits in someone’s inbox, the less likely it is that they will actually come in and try out the facility.

When it comes to guest passes, a shorter length one is ideal. If someone has a full week to come and try out a facility, they are in no rush to join. It is also likely that they’ll have lost some excitement behind joining by the end of a week-long trial. If they only have a one-day pass, they need to make the decision on whether to join much quicker. This helps with closing the deal, so you can immediately follow-up about joining after their visit.

Learn how Healthdesk can send out automated triggers to help you close the deal. 



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