Automate conversations across every step of the member journey

Drive revenue and customer satisfaction with a chatbot for gyms. It’s a no brainer. If you’re looking to save your gym or studio money, then you need this fitness bot today.


  • Send gym join messages to prospects
  • Upsell membership plans and extras
  • Book services and appointments
  • Promote personal training and nutrition coaching


  • Send a gym welcome message
  • Onboard new members for the first 90 days
  • Wish happy birthdays and holiday expressions
  • Congratulate milestone achievements


  • Announce a gym reopening message
  • Announce class changes and substitutions en masse
  • Confirm appointments, send reminders and follow-ups
  • Survey members, collect feedback and resolve issues

Meet your customers on the communication channels they prefer

Business Text Messaging

Text enable your existing business phone number and make it easier for people to stay in touch. 83% of consumers respond to text messages within 30 minutes or less.

Website Chat

Make it easier for people to join your gym online with live chat. Don’t lose them when they have a question. Respond within seconds and watch your conversion skyrocket.

Facebook Messenger

Send new leads into a conversation with your Ai Assistant running targeted Facebook Ads. You’ll capture more prospects with less money, time, and people.

text messaging
website chat
facebook messenger
text messaging
facebook messenger
facebook messenger

In-App Messaging

Do members only use your mobile app to check-in? Get more out of your app and increase member engagement by embedding chat into the experience, natively.


Wake up to inbox zero everyday by connecting all of your support email addresses to Healthdesk so that your Ai Assistant can do the work for you.


Answer everything in one place and funnel all of your Instagram Direct Messages into your automated pipeline with Healthdesk.


of calls are deflected with Healthdesk


of all inquiries are automated


reduction in overall cost per call


A gym chatbot with features you won’t find anywhere else

Ai Gym Assistant

Automate personalized conversations with leads, members, and guests

  • Answer inbound questions and initiate outbound conversations
  • Natural Language Understanding (NLU) that recognizes 50 different intents

Get started in a few clicks

A ready to use solution

Nothing to download or install. Our fastest client-onboarding time is 34 minutes flat

Continually gets smarter

Your gym chatbot is continually learning and optimizing itself for better understanding

Seamless Human Handoff

When it’s too complex, your Ai Assistant will transfer the conversation to your staff

Outbound Messages

Turn events into triggers that send out targeted messages to the right person at the right time

  • Schedule mass texts and broadcast anouncements with one click
  • Create custom rules that automatically initiate customer outreach

How to use Outbound Messages

Mass Texting

Target specific contact segments with announcements that you can schedule in advance or in realtime

Custom Responses

Your chatbot for gyms can respond to customers in exactly the same way you would train new hires at the club

Event Triggers

Use events like check-ins, joins, purchases, achievements and more to trigger custom messages sent to your customers

Website Greetings

Don’t wait for the customer to start a chat on your website. Invite them to chat with custom messages that pop up

Analytics Dashboard

See the data you need to understand your ROI

  • Know how many conversations your gym chatbot is having
  • See what types of inquires are coming in most and optimize


Our chatbot for gyms integrates with your existing tech stack for you. No hassles with getting plugged in.

  • We keep your data synced across systems so you don’t have to search
  • We can also work with gyms who don’t have an existing tech stack

Member management systems

abc financial


gym sales

Class Schedules

groupex pro
google calendar




ring central

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See how you can cut payroll costs by 82% with Healthdesk

If you know how many calls you’re getting on a regular basis, then we can provide a tailored ROI estimate.


of inquiries are automated with Healthdesk


decrease in member acquisition cost


The goal for Active Health Tech Lab was to automate the mundane, routine conversations fitness personel engage in daily, including inquiries about business hours, weather-related closures, services provided, general club information and more, all without hiring dedicated service staff of keeping phones lines manned all day, every day.

– Club Industry, Artificial Intelligence Takes Off In The High-Touch World Of Fitness


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