Athletic Society captured 53 leads in their first 30 days with Healthdesk(!!!)


resolved by chatbot


response rate to missed calls texted


captured leads from calls shifted to texting

AS Squat Racks

Healthdesk allowed us to capture leads that normally would’ve slipped past our staff. We started with Call Deflection and Missed Call Connect, and then eventually added Website Chat. The results have been incredible and we’re excited to expand Healthdesk to more locations.

Billy McClendon

President @ Harman Fitness & FCM

About Athletic Society

As a transformational athletic facility, Athletic Society encourages members to achieve the highest level of sustainable fitness.‚Äč Athletic Society is a community that offers easy access to personal training, studio classes, aquatics, wellness programs, rejuvenation, and more.


Los Angeles, CA



2 locations


Athletic Society was looking for a way to handle the high volume of inbound leads that were often slipping through the cracks.

Missing phone calls

Over 20% of calls were hitting the voicemail box

Reduced admin support

With fewer people on staff, it was difficult to manage the volume of customer communication

Facility under repair

With major investments taking place on-site, customers wanted status updates

High bounce rate

The website’s traditional forms for lead capture weren’t producing great results


We proposed a Facebook ad campaign that would target new audiences in the area. Any interest in those ads would be routed to the Ai Assistant who would immediately qualify and capture those leads. On the website, we installed our live chat widget which drastically increased the online join rate.

To get the conversation going, we engaged every website visitor with custom pop up greetings

Our goal was to increase conversions of the one-month membership which was a good intro price point. If people were bouncing on the site, then we wanted to know why. With live chat, we were able to get constant feedback which informed us how to optimize. Along the way, we continued to sell memberships more and more.

Automated Voice

Leads from the website and Facebook loved getting instant responses
  • Website Chat
  • Facebook Messenger

Automated Messaging

We set up Call Deflection so that less admin support was needed at the front desk
  • Call Deflection
  • Custom IVR

Responding immediately to leads was the key to converting them in realtime

As we converted more and more leads from the Facebook ads and on their website, we saw their membership acquisition cost continue to drop. It was clear that responding to leads fast made all the difference in conversion. To supplement their staff, we added our Support as a Service on the Pay As You Go plan.


The return from the first 30 days of using Healthdesk more than paid for a full year of the service. They increased their website conversion rate by 39% resulting in over $4K.


net CAC reduction


generated revenue in the first 30 days


boost in Facebook engagement

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